Your Unique Signature is Powerful

Your Unique Signature is Powerful
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Something I have only come to realize recently: You have a power unique only to you.

I know, I know, you think I'm just trying to sound encouraging so you don't give up. You're coming home from school with a drawing, and I want to put it up on the fridge; give you a gold star for effort; help you feel a little less like an outsider.

Maybe you think I’m trying to tell you everything you do is great. I’m not.

What I am trying to do is tell you is that what makes you special is mostly invisible to you; that if you are anything like 99.8% of the rest of the world, you secretly believe what you should be doing better is imitating others, and making sure you look like them.

I recently had coffee with a friend of mine (let’s call him “M”). He’s had a long and successful career in consulting, which is something I feel passionate about doing a lot more of. As I described what I was about, what I do, and where I want to go, he said, “you might consider doing this for organizations.”

“Well yeah,” I thought, “that sounds great.” But I was not sure how to wholeheartedly move into that. But when I spoke to M, I could feel all his experience showering me with a knowing that it was possible. When he said it, the possibility came to life; it was animated by all his knowledge, of who he was as a person. His “signature” breathed life into the possibility.

Several years earlier, I had also had coffee with M, and he was very encouraging. I went off and tried to get started on my own; but given my own energy and without exposure to his vibration, it felt so abstract, like such a far-off goal, I could not even picture how to get started.

And because I am really good at thinking how to get started, I know it was not a lack of information, or even so much encouragement. It was a lack of presence — from one person who somehow “knew” how to bring such a thing about.

The fact that M knew is related to his life experience; but then it is translated into his cellular structure, his presence, his energy.

So this time, when I understood that M saw me; and he was able to transmit this vibration — when I saw what was really going on here — I immediately asked if he could mentor me. I knew that one who was able to hold this special signature, and see what I was capable of, was of immense value to me. And I told him so right away.

We will begin soon.

You’re not M. You are someone else. But your unique life experience — your pains, your sorrows, your powers, your gifts, your talents, your heartfelt fear of spiders, or your deep love of macrame — whatever it is for you — your signature matters in this world.

We are each of us so much more complex than a “snowflake”. We are an energetic signature of almost infinite depth. You can’t see you. But others can. Take them at their word.