What you long for is perhaps what someone else longs to have

What you long for is perhaps what someone else longs to have
Photo by Vardan Papikyan / Unsplash

Sitting in my suburban space, bubbling through with ideas that can shape the world, and ruminating on the power of permaculture to reshape the world, it crossed my mind that there are probably pockets in this world where someone deeply wants a person like me, with my skills and powers, to contribute to the building of the thing they are already doing.

I have been cogitating for a while about joining some sort of community (ecovillage, co-housing, semi-village, that sort of thing). I can feel it coming (and if you know anyone, particularly in Sonoma County or north thereabouts…). There is a sense that redwood trees (and the like) are calling me.

It came to me thus, in a flash, this way:

The degree to which you suffer at the lack of something might be the degree to which you deserve and long to give it, and the degree to which someone else longs to have it.

Always remember that there might be a counterpart(s) to the things you offer, and when you try to fit your puzzle piece into the wrong-shaped part, you’ll get frustration. But in the vastness of this world, there could be other puzzle pieces waiting to find you.