What to write (or do, or say, or)

What to write (or do, or say, or)

En este momento what gives birth is what is necessary for the furtherance of all life.

They don’t want your thing because it’s not for them. Don’t worry about them.

Instead, when you hone your resonance with that what brung you; when you hone your resonance with the big flows around you… you are standing in a great river. You are in the river. You are the river. Just let go and flow.

As the river, what you have to say is meaningful to those around, because they are your kin. All flows.

Cultivate awareness of the flows around you. Give what you are here to offer. Love the out-flowering all around you, and know that you are special. A flower standing in a field, amongst other flowers. None the same, and yet blowing in the same breeze.

This writing is like a sumi-e painting. I am reading Wabi Sabi: The Wisdom in Imperfection. In the Japanese sumi-e painting style, the artist intends to embody life in each brush stroke. Once they hit the page, they are not done over or corrected. Weak strokes are left there. It all happens in a moment. That is wabi sabi, the beauty and impermanence of all things. I have not gone over this writing, it all came out at once. It was right for the moment. If it was right for you, then it “hit”. If not, then I suppose it was not.

That is all.