Not Squashing the Sprouts

Not Squashing the Sprouts
Photo by Majharul Islam / Unsplash

Not squashing the sprouts

So often as creators, we get impatient, and give up, just as our little sprouts are coming up out of the ground.

Our success doesn't bowl us over at first. Maybe we want to have a million subscribers, and now we only have four...

But if we can see those four as the little seeds of our success, we can recognize that consistency will grow them into a big tree one day.

The energy that's created those four little sprouts... will then become a dozen, and then a hundred... and so on.

The acorn does not complain: "Screw this! I am not an oak tree yet!" Instead, she keeps moving, steadily towards the light.

Perhaps one the best vantage points in Richmond Park, London. This bench is perfectly placed beneath a lonely tree, giving a clear view of the open fields and woodlands in every direction. In the early morning mist there’s a certain melancholy about the place - you could sit and ponder life here, without a care in the world.
Photo by Simon Wilkes / Unsplash